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June 20, 2009

The Top Four Take Away Foods

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By Steve Hill

Pizza Italiano

Pizza Italiano

I have to admit that I am rather partial to take away or as some people call it “take-out” foods. This may be because I am lazy but it is also because they are just so tasty! In this article I will be writing about a recent report that I have read which had the results of a survey concerning the favourite take away foods of the British people.

In first place and the so called winner of the favourite British take away was the ever popular Indian curry. I go for a curry on a weekly basis and usually order a Chicken Balti. Newspaper articles over the last few days have even stated that to eat a curry on a regular basis has numerous health benefits.

In second place came the old favourite of fish and chips. This category basically included any visit to the “chippy” so it was therefore not solely for based on ordering fish and chips. A cheeseburger, a chicken and mushroom pie or a kebab were also covered as long, of course, as they were purchased from a chip shop.

A Chinese take away came in third place which was a bit of a surprise to me as I personally prefer a pizza. Don’t get me wrong I do also like Chinese food but I would rather go to a Chinese restaurant to eat it.

In fourth place came my own personal favourite – the pizza. This take away food gained seventeen percent of the vote which is actually quite low – the survey must have been rigged!


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