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June 20, 2009

American Food

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By Carrie Smith

American Food

American Food

What is American food anyway? The common answer is burgers, hot dogs and apple pie but apple pie is actually European, so are burgers and hot dogs really all we have to offer? In Texas they will fry anything, pile some batter on it and throw it into a pot of grease and any given Texan will tell you it is the best they have ever had. Make it easy to eat while walking and wrap it in paper and a New Yorker wouldn’t much care if it were just a stick of dough with “red sauce” as long as you sell it from a cart on the street for less than $5.00 they will claim that no city on earth makes it better! Put anything in a tortilla and a Californian will eat it, call it Cajun and Louisiana will serve it with sweat tea, slap some BBQ sauce on and Tennessee will claim it originated in that state; does the US even have one universal style of food we can call our own? In short, not really.

American food is mostly divided by region, much like voting the north east is different than the mid west is different than the south is different than the west coast is still a little different than the south west; from sea to shining sea not one person will give you an answer that doesn’t very by state or at least by time zone. We have southern food, which is most definitely an American original but that isn’t even the same in all southern states. In Texas (which can be debated as the south or the south west) you have the original fajita in Kyle TX and hill country BBQ Brisket, in Louisiana you get Cajun food, soul food and specifically in New Orleans you are blessed with Creole. In Tennessee it is BBQ pork, in Virginia it is Ham, in Georgia it is grits…is there even one specific southern food? Sweat Tea of course, country gravy maybe but most southern states have a difficult time agreeing what good, quality, American southern food is. In the northeast you have Maryland crab cakes and clam chowder, in the mid west you have Chicago hot dogs and corn on the cob, in the north west you get Washington clams and in the south west it is green chili (chili verde), so what is American food?

America Food

America Food

American food, like America is as diverse and varied as the streets of New York City. We have all kinds of people and all kinds of foods, in a country as large as the United States with the freedom of choice from who your President is to what color of braces you want your food to get stuck in it would almost be un-American to narrow it down and make people agree on one specific type of food. Right there with free speech we Americans are blessed with a free press and the freedom to choose by region, state or individual person what kind of food we call our own. Though many will simply say “fast food” as an immediate response to such a question I beg it is not so. We are not just a Fast Food Nation as the movie suggest, we are not void of culture and we are not all war mongering, self centered obese people in ball caps either. What we are is a wide Varity of things, to complex and diverse to be narrowed down into one classification. We are the contents of a melting pot, the image of a collage, we are a sponge; we are America and nearly nothing universally conforms us to our neighbors other than the freedoms we share, not even the foods we eat.


The Top Four Take Away Foods

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By Steve Hill

Pizza Italiano

Pizza Italiano

I have to admit that I am rather partial to take away or as some people call it “take-out” foods. This may be because I am lazy but it is also because they are just so tasty! In this article I will be writing about a recent report that I have read which had the results of a survey concerning the favourite take away foods of the British people.

In first place and the so called winner of the favourite British take away was the ever popular Indian curry. I go for a curry on a weekly basis and usually order a Chicken Balti. Newspaper articles over the last few days have even stated that to eat a curry on a regular basis has numerous health benefits.

In second place came the old favourite of fish and chips. This category basically included any visit to the “chippy” so it was therefore not solely for based on ordering fish and chips. A cheeseburger, a chicken and mushroom pie or a kebab were also covered as long, of course, as they were purchased from a chip shop.

A Chinese take away came in third place which was a bit of a surprise to me as I personally prefer a pizza. Don’t get me wrong I do also like Chinese food but I would rather go to a Chinese restaurant to eat it.

In fourth place came my own personal favourite – the pizza. This take away food gained seventeen percent of the vote which is actually quite low – the survey must have been rigged!

German Food Culture

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By Roger Salisbury

German Food

German Food

German food plays a large part of everyday culture and tradition in Germany. Most celebrations either public or private are always accompanied by great tasting food, as well as exceptional tasting beer.

German food varies significantly from region to region. Certain areas have become famous for a particular type of delicacy. For example Nurnberg is notable for the Nurnberger bratwurst. Munich on the other hand is famous for the Munchner Weiswurst. Interestingly these foods are available at the most simplest of places. They are often sold from stands in the market place, or even the train station.

There is also great rivalry between the regions as to who has the better recipes. There has always been strong regional rivalry between the north and south of the country. The claim for the title of best food recipes provokes a healthy banter between the local citizens.

Germany is most famous for its sausages and sauerkraut. However there are a huge amount of traditional recipes on offer that most people of other nations wouldn’t even be aware of. These include unique flavorsome meat dishes, a large variety of potato dumplings, and many types of potato salads. One of the least recognized claims to fame are the numerous fresh salad recipes accompanied by the most amazing dressings.

And not forgetting those who have a sweet tooth, there are also an enormous variety of cakes and pastries available. In almost every cafe, you can enjoy the most mouth watering layer cakes, unrivaled anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately many of the traditional ways of cooking the famous German recipes are being forgotten. With the convenience of large food outlets you can now buy ready to cook German dumplings, sauerbraten, sauerkraut etc. Cakes can be easily purchased from almost any bakery.

The result is that few of the current generation would know where to begin to create a traditional meal.

German culture and German food are closely linked. The risk is that essential German food culture may be lost unless the art of German cooking is revitalized. This is important for Germans living in Germany. It is also essential for German migrants and their descendants who have gone to live in other parts of the world.

We need to make a concerted effort to ensure that the German food culture remains alive. Therefore, take the time and make the effort to teach the young ones the recipes and cooking techniques of old. In doing so the German traditions and customs will also remain alive.

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